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Bayou Classic SQ14 Burner

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The SQ14 cooker uses a medium-power 6 inch ring burner. The stand is 13 inches high with 16 inch square cooking surface. Includes a 10 psi regulator with stainless wrapped hose - you supply a standard propane tank.
The 6 inch burner runs lower power flames but has more individual orifices than the 4-inch ring burner. Although the maximum power is lower, this 6 inch burner runs quieter and is more controllable at the lowest flame settings. That makes it a good choice if it will also be used for cooking. At full blast it can theoretically pump out 60,000 BTU. More conservative test methods rate this burner at 40,000 BTU.

Avoid turning the control so high that the flames are jumping up from the burner. You get a little more heat at the cost of a lot more propane. The regulator is capable of delivering a lot more gas than the burner needs, so it's completely normal to never turn the regulator up very far.
The Air Shutter controls the amount of air that gets mixed with propane before burning. The more air, the more oxygen. The more oxygen, the hotter your flame. The most efficient setting is an all-blue flame - give it as much air as possible, stopping just before the point where the flame won't stay lit.

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