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Blichmann Floor Standing Burner

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Blichmann Engineering Floor Standing Burner with Regulator
This burner is stainless steel, top tier, floor-standing and built specifically for homebrewing. Quiet and efficient with a stainless steel heavy duty construction for a long lasting design.
Approximately 72,000 BTU/hr burner with a low flame combustion, this is a whisper-quiet operation. Fits pots and kegs up to 21" in diameter that hold up to 30 gallons.
Is a high-output burner required for brewing?
High-output burners are not an absolute requirement when it comes to homebrewing, although it is highly recommended. The reasoning is that doing full boil all-grain batches, you are boiling off a higher volume than you would an extract beer on your kitchen stove. On a stovetop, brewing can be a lengthy process with waiting for your strike water to reach optimal temperature, and again waiting for the wort run off to reach a boil. A high-output burner will allow you to bring that wort to a full boil in only a fraction of the time. Burners also ensure you get a good, vigorous, rolling boil.
Can I use a high-output burner indoors?
Absolutely not. A definite no. We never recommend using any type of burner indoors. Always use a high-output burner in an open and very well ventilated area.

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