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Infusometer 2″ Probe Thermometer by Goldsteam

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* All 304 Stainless Steel Material

* Hermetically Sealed With 3″ Glass Dial Face

* Male NPT Threads and 2″ Probe Thermometer

* Temperature Scale Range of 0-100°C (30-210°F)

* Fast Temperature Change Response (+/-1% Full Scale Accuracy)

* Easily Calibrated With a Flat Head Screwdriver

* Includes Nut, Washer, O-Ring and Calibrating Instructions

* Durable and built to last!

Why pay for a basic thermometer when you can have an Infusometer for the same price? We designed a dial face that includes both Fahrenheit and Celsius, as well as all the important step-temps required in a typical all grain brew-day. From breakdown, to conversion through mashout and finally cooling, we have all your important enzymatic processes and temperature ranges covered. Our coloured ramp makes it easy to quickly identify the target step-temp without having to constantly monitor the dial or recheck your notes. Acid rest? No problem! Need to maximize your Beta-Glucans? No problem!

This beauty comes with a 3″ Dial Face, a 2″ Probe, and 1/2″ male NPT threads on the back for kettle attachment. There’s also a 1/16th” hex nut calibration screw in the back for quick and easy calibration. Our thermometers are pre-calibrated, however they are sensitive instruments and may require another calibration prior to use. A regular calibration schedule is recommended and easy step-by-step instructions are included.

We recommend the 2″ probe in boil kettles and hot liquor tanks. If you plan to use this in a mash tun or you created a monstrous bulkhead that allows you to monitor the kettle outside while you watch the hockey game inside, you may want to consider our Infusometer 5″ Probe Thermometer.

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